Business Contracts

We offer the following services.

Business Contracts

We draft and negotiate business startup contracts and agreements such as the following:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Employee agreements
  • Contractor agreements
  • Stock plans, stock option agreements and other incentive stock agreements.

Intellectual Property

We offer the following IP services:

  • Trademark Licensing We draft license agreements for trademark owners and licensees to leverage their valuable trademarks and brands and secure competitive advantages.
  • SaaS Licensing Software as a Service agreements.
  • Copyrights Transacting business is often about exchanging rights and those exchanges must be documented properly. A good license agreement can mean the difference between a successful venture and a failure. We ensure our clients have documents and agreements that ensure their success.
  • Trade Secrets A fourth type of intellectual property, in addition to patents, trademarks, and copyrights, is trade secrets. Trade secrets consist of confidential information that a business takes reasonable steps to keep secret and that has value to its competitors. It can come in the form of a formula, recipe, program, device, method, technique or process.

Equity Crowdfunding

Equity Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is no longer a buzzword — it’s a movement with over 1,250 active platforms, billions of dollars raised, and maturing markets growing in unprecedented numbers year over year. Goldman Sachs reports that equity crowdfunding is a game changer:

Crowdfunding […] is potentially the most disruptive of all of the new models in finance.

The catalysts for disruption are changing consumer behaviors (millennials), strong network effects and technologies (thanks to the Internet), and perhaps most importantly in the US, regulatory changes permitting such finance technology (Title II, III, and IV of the JOBS Act).

We offer clients assistance in preparing their equity crowdfunding campaign

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions (Exits)

We have a significant amount of experience guiding clients through private sell-side and buy-side mergers an acquisitons including stock purchase agreements, asset purchase agreements, earn out M & A sales (in the United States and from buyers in Europe and Asia). Our lawyers understand what it takes to get a deal done. We blend technical know-how and specific industry experience to get deals done efficiently. We often partner with other committed deal makers (private bankers, tax experts, and other stakeholders) to bring innovative legal solutions to our client’s problems.

Emerging Growth Companies

Harvey Esquire is a firm that represents entrepreneurs and emerging growing companies. We have counseled hundreds of business clients from incorporation, to seed financing, to company exits. Typical representation includes post-formation, contract, employment, securities, and IP matters.


Technology Startups

Harvey Esquire provides a holistic approach to intellectual property to manage a company’s most important assets. We offer representation in trademark and copyright matters, including prosecution, licensing, purchase agreements, software agreements (EULA/SaaS), and statutory (DMCA) protections.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Harvey Esquire provides counsel on M&A transactions involving technology, life sciences, and emerging growth enterprises at the peak stage of development. The firm has experience advising both sellers and purchasers of technology and life sciences, including stock purchase agreements, asset purchase agreements, LLC purchase agreements, and statutory conversions.


Professional Services

Professional services organizations—dentists, doctors, law firms, engineering firms, consultancies—face a business landscape with a unique overlay of legal challenges. We have the experience in myriad business legal services to help professionals avoid challenges and confront them when the need arises.



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