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Everyday California

Everyday California is an iconic California lifestyle brand and top 5 tourist attraction in Southern California.  Everyday California partnered with Cherokee last year to offer a full apparel line globally. The brand originates from La Jolla, California where it houses a full retail store, an online e-commerce site and a kayak and adventure storefront.  It employs up to 50+ employees during peak season, and has consistently ranked one of the best things to do outdoors in San Diego.

Rising Star

Everyday California is a rising star in the lifestyle brand business. But a few years ago it was just a small kayak shop in La Jolla. Mike Samer and Chris Lynch (pictured above) purchased the company in 2012 and quickly built it into the powerhouse that it is today. They turned to Harvey Esquire to help them with their constantly evolving legal needs.

Here are some of the matters that we worked on:

Key Results:

  • Finalized Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement
  • Drafted Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Filed and Registered Several Trademark and Copyright Registrations
  • Negotiated Vendor Agreements, Commercial Leases, other Agreements
  • General Legal Counsel for Day-to-Day Matters

Partnering with Cherokee

In May 2015, publicly traded company Cherokee purchased Everyday California’s clothing line but licensed back a portion of those rights to Everyday California. Cherokee is a recognized global leader in fashion and lifestyle brands including brands such as Cherokee®, Carole Little®, Tony Hawk® Signature Apparel and Hawk Brands®, Liz Lange®, Sideout®, ále by Alessandra® and Flip Flop Shops®. Everyday California has joined the ranks of other surf and skate lines in a category (active wear) which is growing exponentially each year.

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"Harvey Esquire are the reason Expert DOJO exist. Their advice when we started out was all based on our future success rather than just getting us as clients. The high level of trust we have with them does not exist with most other law firms. Harvey and his team have our highest recommendation for all our clients for that reason."

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